Healthy Pregnancy

What ultrasounds should I expect during my pregnancy if there are no complications?

In a healthy pregnancy there can be several ultrasounds, or you may be offered the two main referred scans, which are the 12+ week scan, and the anatomy ultrasound at 19+ weeks.

These are detailed ultrasounds for which you are referred to a specialised practice such as QDOS, even if your pregnancy is considered low-risk.


Whether an ultrasound is performed at QDOS or by your Doctor may depend on the model of care.

Many Obstetricians now use ultrasound in their rooms as a way of checking the pregnancy at each visit, so they may not send you to an ultrasound centre, apart from the main ultrasounds.

At QDOS we perform ultrasounds for patients in the public or private system, and so we are comfortable with both models.

You need a referral and a reason for each scan with us, but there are many legitimate reasons for an ultrasound.

There are strong reasons early ultrasound is desired both by the couple embarking on the journey and by the Doctor or team looking after you.

The basics consist of checking the embryo’s size compared to the expected dates, whether there is only one embryo, that it is alive, and that its location is safe.

Even when there is no bleeding, a lot happens in early pregnancy. It is especially helpful to have an ultrasound for women who have uncertain dates, are older, have had fertility treatment or delay, medical conditions, problems in previous pregnancies or have any other factors that can flag their pregnancy as high-risk.

After the 19 week ultrasound, you may or may not need later scans. We tell you if something needs follow-up from our ultrasound, but usually it is the obstetrician or antenatal team that decides, based on many factors. 

Related Information

Again, depending on the reason, these could be with the doctor or hospital you are booking, or at QDOS.

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